Rowan Blanchard Phone Number

Rowan Blanchard Phone Number


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In short, some things you do not know about Rowan Blanchard.

Rowan Blanchard is an American actress, known from the movie Spy Kids, and or his role Riley Matthews from Disney’s Girls Meets World. Here are some interesting facts about Rowan.

Rowan Blanchard was born on October 14, 2001, Los Angeles, California. Her parents are Yoga instructors. Small height, 1.65 meters and loves the color blue. She has a dog named Winston and both love sushi and pasta. He admire Emma Watson and Barbara Streisand and besides they admire the Beatles.  Like everyone, she has a favorite singer, that is Adele. Her best friend is Sabrina Carpenter, who is also a felow of the show. Like boys, she like to play football and basketball. Leisure time watching television and going out with friends. She and her friend Sabrina Carpenter sings the song „Take on the World” in the show titled „Girls meets World”. She has two younger brothers, Carmen and Shane. It is obsessed with shopping and very passionate about fashion. As can fall asleep tonight,  should read more books. Never eat red meat. She began acting at the age of 2 years, first appearing in commercials.


Riley has a lot of funny friends in show. Sabrina Carpenter plays the role of Maya Hart. It is a very deep and we learn more about her past on the show. Then there is Farkle, which is interpreted by Corey Fogelmanis. Farkle’s really fun to watch as it is hilarious. „Auditions are always full of emotions and consuptions me a lot, but I think things were formed when i read with Simona Carpenter because we are connected immediately. The folks at Disney asked us to go out and talk 10 minutes – then has to go back into the room as if we had known for six years. It works between us. Was awesome.” She loves fashion from Riley and the world. Luckily, she have a fantastic team  on costume department, which is great. Gets a lot of suggestions about fashion and what to wear at the moment. It is very nice to be helped about fashion.


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