Justin Bieber Phone Number

Justin Bieber Phone Number

Justin Bieber Phone number

This is a proof from a lucky fan who got his number, Thanks Sandra for sending us this proof!

We are glad to announce that we’ve got in touch with the Famous Singer, Justin Bieber and he ag

reed to give us his Phone Number for fans. That means that from now on you can Call Justin Bieber number whenever you want, but you need to prove that you are a real fan, not just a girl or a man who just want to talk with a celebrity. We’ve worked about one month to get Justin Bieber phone number, I meand the real phone number not the phones that are all over the internet claiming that is the real phone number of Justin Biebers.




Proof of Justin Bieber’s Phone Number from some of our users:

Phone Number Justin BieberJustin Bieber Real phone number

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So how we’ve got Justin Bieber’s Phone number?

It was a pain for us, we talked with thousand of people, and finally we met him in real person at a photoshooting, and asked him, that we have a website that makes the impossible to share phone numbers of celebrities to the real fans, and he agreed to give me one of his phone numbers . Justin Bieber have more than 3 phone numbers, yeah he is a celebrity let’s not forget that, but the great part is that this phone number is the real one, and we also got the phone number that he never changes, but that will be for us , in case that Justin changes the number for the fans we will get the new number so you will always get the real phone number.

So after all of this effort we decided to share Justin Bieber Phone Number with everyone but you will need to proof that you don’t have bad intentions, so you will make a survey to prove that first you are not a bot, yeah it happened to us before, there is a bot out there that collect phone numbers and than call them promoting offers to supermarkets and other stores like that. I also been called by one of this bots and looked very real to me, but I had the experience and I asked him a question that no one will ever ask. So if you wonder how to get Justin Bieber phone number for fans all you need to do is to get it from our website, it will take you like 1-2 minutes, so you don’t need to worry about that. I hope that in future there will be more celebrities that will share with us a phone number where fans like you can get in touch with them.

Now we will tell you more about Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is an international known singer, who started his journey at about 10 years old, first he wasn’t so apreciated but after a while he becamed one of the most popular singers in the world, expecially for childrens and teenagers. Now Justin Bieber is a man, whith a new look who tries to impress new people . He had many girls in his life but the most known is Selene Gomez the famous singer, that we will get her number soon , so you will be able to talk with her also. Justin Bieber told us that he want to make an Europe Tournament , I think that will be great ,as many of his fans are from europe. Justin now is know as one of the most successful singers in the world, after Taylor Swift and Rihanna, we also have Taylor Swift Phone number so don’t worry about that, we will make a sondage about what number you want to get, as it takes us a long time to get all this numbers.



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