Cristiano Ronaldo Phone Number

Cristiano Ronaldo Phone Number

We admire Cristiano Ronaldo so much, is the best player of the moment so we got Cristiano Ronaldo Phone Number from his manager. We wanted very much to calling him and ask to meet with us and to train in his spare time. He agreed. Last weekend we coached on a football pitch and in training break we offered him to post Cristiano Ronaldo Phone Number on our website to use it his fans. We have said that a lot of fans have asked us this, many of them want to train with him.

He want to get in touch with her fans to learn how to reach as high as him. To tell him personally, do not read on the internet.


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Ronaldo grew up in a poor home in Madeira shared her bedroom with his brother and two sisters. When he was 14, he was expelled from school, according to The Guardian. The reason? He suffered a professor jokes at the expense of family financial situation and threw a chair at him. He had toys, never ever received Christmas presents in childhood, something acknowledged by him. The first time you flew a plane was 18 years old in 2003 when he signed for Manchester United. Two years later her father died because of a liver disease caused by alcohol abuse. It is also why Cristiano Ronaldo did not consume alcohol. Father absence has been offset partially Alex Ferguson, who was like a second father to him. Hence the love and respect that they wear Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United’s former manager. The same reason for which I had forgotten László Bölöni, who promoted him to the first team of Sporting Lisbon, although he was only a child. Those times while sinking. Ambition, talent and work have rewarded Ronaldo, Messi today is fighting for the title of best player in the world. It is no longer a poor, Forbes it placed last year in 9th place among the highest paid athletes in the world, with a total revenue of 23 million dollars, money from the contract with Real Madrid and agreements with various major sponsors.

His famous name, Ronaldo, which is known worldwide and has been given by his father in honor of Ronald Reagan, the former US president. The Portuguese player had to call Cristiano dos Santos Aveiro only. Number 7, which made him famous, was not to his liking when Ronaldo came to Manchester United. Ferguson then asked him what number he wants, and he chose 28. The Scottish coach still had the last word and has “placed” Ronaldo number 7 to him accountable. “It was an extra motivation for me. I knew No. 7 was worn by George Best and Cantona and not to embarrass me,” recalls Cristiano Ronaldo. At the 2006 World Cup, Ronaldo was selected the best young player of the tournament, but I was never handed the trophy. Because insisted that Rooney to receive “red” in the match between England and Portugal, thousands of Brits have started an online campaign that urged FIFA him to be “stripped” trophy. World Forum gave in and handed him the distinction of Podolski, who was second in clasament.Cristiano Ronaldo owns a record hard to beat. On 6 July 2009 he was presented to Real Madrid in a stadium packed. No less than 80,000 spectators came to the “Santiago Bernabeu”, 5,000 more than in 1984, when Maradona was presented at Naples.

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