Beyonce Phone Number

Beyonce Phone Number


Known as Jay Z’s girlfriend, Beyonce is one of the most successful feminine singers in the United Stated music industry. Thinking it might be the first time that we get about impossible to her number, we postponed the idea. After finishing her concert at Super Bowl 2016 for 30 minutes talked with a few of her fans who were there.  Gave autographs, various accessories with her they took pictures and exchanged different idea about these songs that wants to write. We allowed ourselves a question to put them in front of all the fans, hoping to agree. we proposed to give us her personal phone number for fans to be able to talk to them on the phone and messaging. He could not give us her personal number, but said it will take a special telephone number for the fans that we will send him a message. He agreed to put it on our website, where fans can take it and can contact her. Over a week, just after she said, he sent us an email with her phone number and apologize for future fans who fails to speak. And he has promised to talk with everyone every time you have free time. As we demonstrate that is the number they really sent us a video and how she and Jay-Z in which we show that phone number that works and that is indeed hers. Beyonce Phone number is available on this site. You can contact anytime Beyonce.



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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is an R & B singer, known as Beyonce. Like every year, the show of Super Bowl halftime was really special one. This time Coldplay, Beyonce and Brono Mars were those that maintained the atmosphere in the arena of California. Although Chris Martin’s band was the headliner, after the show everyone was talking only about Beyonce. Beyonce showed sang and danced spectacular Super Bowl in 2016. The artist left nothing to chance and, as a perfectionist, her whole show was impeccable, from the look to the choreography and clothing. The singer was displayed in front of thousands of spectators in a black body and a black leather jacket, inspired by the outfit worn by Michael Jackson in 1993, to show that he still supported him during the Super Bowl. Jacket, stylized in military style, was the piece de resistance of her outfit.

In kindergarten everyone laughed at her big ears! When it comes to favorite beauty products, Beyoncé likes her most mascara. Although she has a line of perfumes, professes to be allergic to perfume. It is one of the artists who have exemplary conduct towards her fans. For this it takes to thank Will Smith, whose behavior respectful opposite the fans motivated her to be and she. Although she writes most of the lyrics, she confesses she has moments when glanced from them. When he was small he demanded that his family guests $ 5 each if they wanted to hear singing. Her voice was discovered eight years when, within an hour of dancing, the singing teacher, Beyonce sang the song using just finished high notes. At school he won a singing contest, performing the song,, Imagine “by John Lennon. Beyoncé suffered from depression for two years. This was the period in which Destiny’s Child win a Grammy. The show Jersey Shore is her favorite, her favorite movie is,, WAS A star born “and her fashion icon is Kate Moss. Among his favorite things are in bed to watch TV and going to the Brooklyn Nets games with her husband, Jay-Z.


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